Lateral Thinking Puzzles- "Think out of the box"

Nowadays many businesses are engaged in building innovation and finding new ways to create. They are looking for the new type of methods, a tool that could be easily understandable and used in corporate world. Traditional thinking is a very conservative approach. Many corporate houses are searching for the modern techniques for innovation.

So a new idea generation tool developed by Dr Edward De Bono known as Lateral Thinking is used. It is a new way of building creativity and innovation skills . Below are certain puzzles mentioned which encourage your ability to think creative or to think "out of the box".

There are interesting puzzles on lateral thinking. Lets see how many people get it right:-
Q1. On a very dark night , a man was outside walking. When he came around a corner, he saw a building on which were written the words "Drink and Die". What does it mean?

Hint... The sign was on a restaurant
            There was no evil intent
            Something was not working

Q2. Two men wearing helmets drank some cool beer and then died. If they had drunk warm beer, they would AVE LIVED. What happened?

Hint.... They did not get drunk. No vehicles were involved.
             They slowly drank beer and suffocated to death.
              They had wanted to keep their beer very cold.

Q3.  A man goes to work in the same manner every working day for twenty years. However, one morning going to work in the same way , he is arrested by the police why?

Hint...  He drives to work.
             Something has changed , but it was more fundamental than just a traffic light.
             How had he forgotten after that publicity.?

Q4. Julie bumped into George and they both died. Why?

Hint.... Julie and George were a women and a man who had not met before, and they did not speak                 when they bumped into each other.
            Julie did not hurt George hurt but shortly, afterward they were both killed by a massive blow.
            Both were travelling , but not on any vehicle.

Creative Thinking encourages ideas followed up by change. This can be achieved by the LATERAL THINKING APPROACH. Learn to open your mind, learn new ways, look for alternatives, learn Lateral Thinking.
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