Lateral Thinking Case Study

Lateral thinking is an idea generation tool which builds the ability to think out of the box. It is based on the creativity and innovation. The profounder is Dr Edward De Bono. It is creativity step by step process which helps in solving the problems. This can be explained through the car study of the car manufacturing company.

The company was facing losses and there was low productivity. So, the owner of the company attended a workshop of lateral thinking and ideas were generated during the workshop. They decided to launch a product at a low price and with a unique idea of manufacturing the car keeping in mind the customer’s needs and their satisfaction. Some other ideas were-
One wiper blade and arm instead of two,Spare wheel, jack and spanner as an accessory,Reduction in one gear of the gearbox,Change in the materials used for different parts/ components,Size of the car,Removal of certain other accessories like cigarette lighter etc.
The team obtained primary ideas to work on using…


A lateral thinker is a person who thinks creatively and generates new ideas to solve the problems. It is based on creativity and innovation. Lets solve some amazing lateral thinking puzzles


In an international 100-meter spirit race, the athlete who ran 100 meters in the fastest time was not the winner of the race. Why?
Hints.... This was a regular 100 meter race run by normal athletes competing to win.                The man who ran the fastest 100 metes crossed the line second.               All competitors were in blocks at the same time and heard the starter's gun. 

A stuntman has to insure himself every time he jumps from a height. He does this and performs the jump, but something goes wrong and he is crippled for life . the insurance company refuses to pay out. Why?
Hints.... He did not try to defraud or cheat the insurance company.             The nature of his accident is not relevant. The insurance company refused on a technical              …


Edward De Bono founded a new style of thinking known as Lateral Thinking. This concept has become popular and many people have started to attend the corporate training so that they can poised and have understanding of how to solve the problems in a unique way. It is a creative approach and builds the capacity of the people to think out of the box.

Dr Edward De Bono concepts can be easily implemented in the practical lives and are very benefical and easy to follow. He generated this idea so that people can have innovative method to solve the problems and can easily live in the corporate world

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Lateral Thinking as we all know is an idea generation tool and build on the concept of the creativity and innovation. There is a curiosity among the people to know more about the lateral thinking and wanted to read books relating to it. But they are so preoccupied with the things and don’t have time to gain knowledge. That is why this blog is providing a short review on the lateral thinking book.
To comprehend thinking initial, one needs to comprehend the brain as for it. It sees the data it has outside. It takes the data in. It forms the data, in this manner, changing over it into designs. These examples in the end up plainly settled. The mind at that point utilizes these examples to manage circumstances as often as possible. In any case, what happens when one is confronted with another circumstance? That is when Lateral Thinking kicks in. As it were, the point at which the Brain can't tackle a specific issue at to start with, it consequently goes in the System 2 Mode (as said b…

Lateral Thinking Tools

Lateral thinking is the psychological method which is designed to uncover powerful new solutions by modifying your thinking beyond the predictable. It is the ability to deliver unorthodox solutions by analyzing issues creatively and artistically. Lateral thinking involves breaking away from traditional modes of thinking and discarding established patterns and preconceived notions. Lateral thinking techniques provide a deliberate, systematic process that results in innovative thinking. These techniques compel you to merge ideas in ways which you would not normally come across or think about. This combination generates a truly unusual idea for you. Below are seven lateral thinking techniques to help you stimulate creative ideas that can be unique and useful solutions to a problem.

AlternativesThis technique is about using concepts to breed new and innovative ideas. Concepts are general theories or ways of doing things. By thinking of a variety of ways to implement a concept is one way to g…

Creativity skills test (MENTAL EXERCISES)

Let’s test your ability to think creatively through exciting lateral thinking questions: -

In a row of trees, a tree is 7th from left end and 14th from right end. How many trees are there in the  row.? 19
21 18
Cinderspeller the witch has six mischievous pet cats called Broomstick, Drusilla, Kat, Pumpkin, Theresa and Vanessa. One day one of these naughty cats catches and eats her pet mouse, Hazel. Can you figure out below which cat ate her? -  ? ATE HER
It is dark in my bedroom and I want to get two socks of the same color from my drawer, which contains 24 red and 24 blue socks. How many socks do I have to take from the drawer to get at least two socks of the same color?

Divide 40 by half and add ten. What is the answer?
A farmer has 15 cows, all but 8 dies. How many does he have left?


You can mail the answers on the mail id :- We will share the results. You can attend our lateral thinking wo…


Lateral thinking builds the ability to think out of the box. There are interesting puzzles which will test your creativity ability to think.

A man and his wife are dead. If the man had just one quarter, his wife would have lived. If he had two quarters, he would have lived. If he had three quarters, both the man and his wife would have lived, but his brother would have died. Why?
Hint….  The quarters he needed were coins              He drove to a gas station              He had a medical condition

Oskar Kokoschka, an Austrian abstract expressionist painter, arrived in England in 1938, after having escaped from the Nazi terror in Europe. Kokoschka was an artist and had never been a politician, yet he blamed himself for the dangerous state that Europe was in, later for the catastrophe of World War II. Why?
Hint….     Kokoschka had fought for Germany in World War I, but he was not a military man and                        hated war.                  He had applied to …