Lateral Thinking Case Study

Lateral thinking is an idea generation tool which builds the ability to think out of the box. It is based on the creativity and innovation. The profounder is Dr Edward De Bono. It is creativity step by step process which helps in solving the problems. This can be explained through the car study of the car manufacturing company.

The company was facing losses and there was low productivity. So, the owner of the company attended a workshop of lateral thinking and ideas were generated during the workshop. They decided to launch a product at a low price and with a unique idea of manufacturing the car keeping in mind the customer’s needs and their satisfaction. Some other ideas were-

  • One wiper blade and arm instead of two,
  • Spare wheel, jack and spanner as an accessory,
  • Reduction in one gear of the gearbox,
  • Change in the materials used for different parts/ components,
  • Size of the car,
  • Removal of certain other accessories like cigarette lighter etc.

The team obtained primary ideas to work on using the tools of Lateral Thinking. They made a successful car and their project was successful.

Thus, we can conclude that lateral thinking plays a primary role in the corporate culture and is a way achieve success for the organization.
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