Dr Edward De Bono is the pioneer of the lateral thinking. He has invented new style of thinking and has challenged the old traditional thinking methods. He is the one who has inspired and motivated the people to think differently.

Innovation and technology go hand in hand.  It is important for the employees to think logically and creatively to built a company that is successful for the long term. Lateral thinking is a tool which generate the new visualization, conception, thought process and so on.

Lateral thinking approach has become crucial for the corporate cultures to encourage the employees to have distinctive style of thought process and have problem solving approach.

Thinking is something which goes on 24*7. It is a continuous process. It has become important to have creative and innovative reflections in the thought process. To have unique style of thinking, just follow the steps of Edward De Bono’s Lateral Thinking tools.

To become a lateral thinker and be master in creativity and innovation thinking ability - attend a training workshop facilitated by Dr Sunil Gupta- Life Time Master Trainer.
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