Challenges faced in the businesses today

Any organization whether they are single brand centered or have different brands, are confronting basic issues and difficulties. It has a turned out to resemble a fear among the workers of the association and even the new business people think hundred times to enter in the market. The issues are same whether they are in any nation, or in wherever. Along these lines, in the event that you are working in the organization or in the event that you are the proprietor of any organization, you will be having comparable concern. In this segment, we have done work put culture evaluation and jolted down specific difficulties confronted by the organization. They are: -

  • Uncertainty of the business

Business environment are unpredictable. They may face ups and downs. In other words, they may face profits and loss at different time. It has risk factor which is a biggest challenge for the organization.

  • Lack of productivity

Many companies face low production due to which there is imbalance in the cash management resulting in financial loss.

  • Increased turnover and absenteeism

As employees do monotonous and repetitive work, they feel bored and loss their interest of work. Consequently, it led to decrease in the production resulting in increased turnover and absenteeism in the organization

  • Lack of motivation

Many employees are restricted the same technique and style of work. They are not motivated to the new ideas and ways of work, as a result, there is little fascination about the work.

  • Increased competition

Nowadays there are so many new entries that are coming. Besides that, new innovation and technologies are cropping up which is a major challenge for the organizations.

  • Problem solving management

Organizations are facing many problems. They are confused, stress and have lot of tension, they are not able to make or take right decisions.
All the above challenges mentioned Is a great cause for the mental or emotional strain. The corporate culture now has entered into the vicious circle of the complexities and misfortune.

Key Solution
 To get rid from the above difficulties, the organization has to adopt EDWARD DE BONO ‘S LATERAL THINKING APPROACH used by fortune 500 companies. It is an idea generation tool. This can be implemented in the practical life. It challenges the traditional thinking and generate imaginative and unusual intellect minds.

It is new style and innovative method. It includes many creative thinking activities and can handle corporate business. One can be a good decision maker. Rationalism is a key to for building any architecture of the organization. Now it can be simply produced through lateral thinking. It is a multidisciplinary approach used by various professionals and in different fields.
Now people can eradicate their problems, Genesis Events India trains the professionals to become an indigenous thinker.

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