Lateral thinking used by Professionals

Nowadays women are discriminated on the basis of the gender. Stereotypes are still attached with the women which is visible in the corporate world. The percentage of women compared to men in the corporate sector is less. Till now many women are struggling to maintain their identity in the business world.

Now to some extend many women have entered the corporate world and are trying to erode the notion of gender biases. They are using lateral thinking tools which is a great help in their journey. 

Lateral Thinking is a broader concept and have certain techniques and tools which provides assistance to the women employees. They have acquired leadership skills and problem- solving approach. They have creative ability to think and have innovative ideas to present their products and services in the unique way.

Thus, we can conclude that lateral thinking is advantageous tool and helpful in many ways. It is a idea generation tool. If it is used in an efficient manner, then it can be very effective.

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