Lateral Thinking Tools

Lateral thinking is the psychological method which is designed to uncover powerful new solutions by modifying your thinking beyond the predictable. It is the ability to deliver unorthodox solutions by analyzing issues creatively and artistically. Lateral thinking involves breaking away from traditional modes of thinking and discarding established patterns and preconceived notions.
Lateral thinking techniques provide a deliberate, systematic process that results in innovative thinking. These techniques compel you to merge ideas in ways which you would not normally come across or think about. This combination generates a truly unusual idea for you.
Below are seven lateral thinking techniques to help you stimulate creative ideas that can be unique and useful solutions to a problem.


This technique is about using concepts to breed new and innovative ideas. Concepts are general theories or ways of doing things. By thinking of a variety of ways to implement a concept is one way to generate ideas. You can then further assessed each specific idea to generate additional concepts. Establishing a new concept creates a whole new way for generating more ideas.


This technique will help you sharpen or change your focus to improve your creative efforts.  You can learn to focus on matters that other people have not bothered to think about. This will help you to get innovative ideas simply because you are the first person to put emphasis on that particular matter.


Challenge technique is about discarding the obvious, leaving behind traditional modes of thought and throwing away preconceptions. It is based on the assumption that there could be an uncommon and better style to do something even if there is no problem with the current style.

Random Entry

Random Entry technique is about using unconnected input to open up new lines of thinking. This technique drives your mind through totally unrelated things. With this technique, you can use a randomly chosen word, picture, sound, or anything else to open new lines of thinking.


Provocation is about moving from a provocative statement to different and useful ideas.  It is a process that is linked with innovative, out of the box thought processes and compels you to move outside your habitual thinking style.


Harvesting techniques involves selecting the best of early ideas and shaping them into useable approaches. It is about ideas turning from one known idea to creating or constructing new ideas. This technique evaluates your ideas generated in a creative session for practical implementation. Harvesting helps you identify ideas that could be implemented right away as well as those that may need more work.

Treatment of Ideas

Treatment of Ideas is all about developing ideas and shaping them to fit a given organization or situation. The treatment technique is best for working with fresh ideas to make them more original and practical for a given situation. For example, you may think of some restrictions that might interfere with the execution of an idea, so you restructure the idea to fit within the constraints.

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